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Commercial Installation

Our services include:

  • Fire sprinkler project budgeting
  • Fire sprinkler design & installation
  • Retro-Fit system
  • Special hazard design and installation
  • Fire pump design and special configurations
  • Testing and maintenance

American Sprinkler uses the latest versions of the NFPA codes and the International Building and Fire Codes. Our design team designs every system using AutoCAD and SprinkCAD. Every project can be designed in 3-D in conjunction with a 3-D building and mechanical models, then using NAVISWORKS Project Review Software, the fire sprinklers system can integrated into the program with other 3-D models for collisions. Avoiding costly installation and construction delays in the field. Using CAD NAVIS Collision detection, our designers have the ability to design and then check for collision with other objects, avoiding costly problems before installation.